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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Brief story of Bote

Bote is marginalized ethnic group of Nepal they belongs to bhot-burmese family. They have two sub division between them’’ Pakho bote’’ and ‘’Paani Bote’’ .There is an interesting story in the coinage of the name pakho Bote pakho means land in Nepali whereas Paani means water . There were two Bote brothers in an ancient time where they had a dispute where to settle for their occupation . So they separated from eachother one moved towards the land is called pakho Bote and the other moved towards riverside called Paani Bote . Pani bote is engaged in animal husbandry farming ,whereas Pani bote is engaged in boating fishing and gold panning

Pakho bote women engaged in handicraft making

Bote heriditary occupation of Fishing and Boating came into extinction

Development is the urgency of the current era ,but development has a harsh impact upon paani Bote who used to survive by boating and the development of infrastructure cost them heavy.

Bote the issue of Inclusion in political mainstream.

Bote people are politically, educationally socio-economically backwarded .They are marginalized from political mainstream and women has to face lots of burden. This is the 21st century where every individual seeks their identity and the wretched condition of the old haggard bote is the sordid example of their pathetic condition.

Women are facing domestic violence and confine within corners of walls.

The interviewee Phul maya Bote describing the harshness of patriarchal system in their Bote society women are considered as inferior and donot get involve in decision making in their respective home. They donot have private property and has to face domestic violence and brutal beating from their males

Pani Bote fishing instruments.

Pakho Bote storage of grains and means of irrigation.